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    "Disappearing" at CUPSI 2013 Prelims

    in gym class
    my white best friend points to the flat of my face
    and says “you don’t really have a nose.”
    it’s the first time i notice the difference
    in the geography of our faces
    i wish for a tall, delicate nose like hers
    like my white boy punk idols
    like the girls the boys see as beautiful

    7th grade is a year of disappearing
    the boys lounging in the breezeway
    cackle about how i don’t have an ass
    the department store jeans sag over the thin of me
    it’s the first time i learn my yellow body
    does not exist here

    i’m in college
    the first time a man old enough to be my father
    hollers at me on the street

    "sup lil mama!
    me love you long time,
    long time.”

    his words lick the back of my neck, slow
    there’s a part of me that takes it as a compliment 
    there’s a part of me that wants to falcon punch the lecher out his face

    it’s the first time someone makes me understand
    how my yellow body shouts
    easy pussy
    across the sidewalk
    port of nagasaki thighs
    for you to commodore perry open
    cambodian countryside cunt
    to bomb in silence

    in the mirror
    i want to skin the chinadoll off of me
    these almond eyes
    flushed porcelain cheeks
    that betray me
    look how cute you did yourself up today
    you were asking for it

    it’s october
    the halloween store sells costumes called
    “asian persuasion”
    "geisha beauty to ninja cutie"
    modeled by white women in black wigs
    cleavage bursting through strategic seams
    my skin a little something sexy to don for one night only
    they wear the fantasy of it
    but never know the itching
    how we asian women
    carry a certain insanity 
    with the yellow of our flesh
    tiptoeing the ghostland 
    between invisible and undesirable
    visible and easy victim

    i’ve learned to speak steel trap
    when talking to white men
    keeping my smiles from showing too much interest
    because the air is heavy with ghosts between us
    chinese women abducted into new world prostitution
    british opium ravaging pearl delta apart
    in 2008, the 16 asian women in oakland victimized by police
    in 2000, the 2 japanese women in spokane
    raped by 2 white men “infatuated with the japanese race”
    i’ve learned i can’t trust anyone to see me
    under the histories this country
    has mapped onto our skin

    in class
    the paper pale english major next to me in
    seems too interested
    in whether or not i have plans for the weekend
    i can’t tell if he’s just friendly
    or viewing the beginnings of a porno
    in the corners of my smile
    i want to tear the “passive” 
    the “undemanding” from my skin
    i leave the classroom
    hoping walking away
    is enough to not disappear

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And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog


    And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog

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    Deer & Bunny love by X POSE

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so cute :)

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SpiderGate Cemetery In the center of this odd, forgotten cemetery is what many call “The Alter Ring”- a barren circle of trees believed to be used as a portal to the dark side. Adventurers have reported finding coins on top of the surrounding grave markers, an act that resembles the Greek practice of paying Charon the ferryman to take you across the River Styx.


    SpiderGate Cemetery
    In the center of this odd, forgotten cemetery is what many call “The Alter Ring”- a barren circle of trees believed to be used as a portal to the dark side. Adventurers have reported finding coins on top of the surrounding grave markers, an act that resembles the Greek practice of paying Charon the ferryman to take you across the River Styx.

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i love his face 


    i love his face 

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